Ian Buss 142* (1st XI vs. Rowntrees & Huntingdon)
Jordy Critchley 100* (1st XI vs. Rowntrees & Huntingdon)
Marc Pollard 113 (1st XI vs. Pickering)
Lachlan Campbell 148* (2nd XI vs. Driffield)
Lachlan Campbell 118* (2nd XI vs. Sutton)
Adrian Critchley 155 (2nd XI vs. East Halton)
Danny Fincham 103* (3rd XI vs. HICE)
Andy Beedham 123* (3rd XI vs. HICE)


Ian Buss 102 (1st XI vs. Whitkirk)
Marc Pollard 115 (1st XI vs. Civil Service)
Jamie Mckinley 150* (2nd XI vs. Newland)
Jamie Mckinley 140* (2nd XI vs. HICE)


Ian Buss 147* (1st XI vs. Hull & YPI)
Matthew Dixon 111* (1st XI vs. Airmyn)
Jordy Critchley 111 (1st XI vs. South Holderness)
Marc Pollard 102 (1st XI vs. Hessle)
Adrian Critchley 119* (2nd XI vs. Beverley)
Rich Vickers 126 (2nd XI vs. HICE)
Andy Guy 110* (2nd XI vs. Driffield)


Jamie Mckinley 115 (1st XI vs. Hill Top)
Ian Buss 153 (2nd XI vs. Cottingham)
James Baker 139* (2nd XI vs. Sutton)
Adrian Critchley 113* (2nd XI vs. Beverley)
Adrian Critchley 109* (2nd XI vs. Sutton)
Ian Buss 169 (3rd XI vs. Humberside Police)
Andy Beedham 105* (3rd XI vs. HICE)


Marc Pollard 126* (1st XI vs. Driffield)
Andy Guy 110 (2nd XI vs. Hull & YPI)
Ian Buss 133* (2nd XI vs. Pelican)
Ashley McKinley 119* ( 3rd XI vs. HICE)

2008 - None

2007 - None


Marc Pollard 151* (1st XI vs. Hessle)
Adrian Critchley 108 (2nd XI vs. South Cave)
Russ Edwards 125 (2nd XI vs. North Ferriby)
Russ Edwards 119* (3rd XI vs. Humberside Police)


Simon Slack 100 (2nd XI vs. Blackburn Welfare)
Simon Slack 100 (2nd XI vs. Cherry Burton)
Adrian Critchley 105 (2nd XI vs. Beverley)
Adrian Critchley 133 (2nd XI vs. Humberside Police)

2004 - None


Stewart Guy 123* (2nd XI vs. HICE)
Stewart Guy 130* (2nd XI vs. Gilberdyke)

2002 - None

2001 - None


Mark Todd 104* (1st XI vs. Fenner)

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